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Hardwood Floor Maintenance Tips

Hardwood Floor Maintenance Tips

Keep reading if you want to learn tips for proper hardwood floor maintenance.

To keep a hardwood floor lasting as long as possible, proper maintenance is going to be a requirement. You may be asking yourself, then: what are the proper maintenance procedures to use on a hardwood floor? That’s what we’re here to address with you today. Keep reading if you want to learn tips for proper hardwood floor maintenance.

Beware of Water Exposure

Water is a hazard to any wooden surface, and your floors are no exception. Sometimes, your floor is exposed to water as the result of a spill. If this happens, dealing with the spill as quickly as you can is advised. This gives your floor as little time as possible to absorb the moisture, therefore minimizing the chances of warping your floor boards.

With regards to cleaning, and its relation to water, avoid using steam cleaners. Steam is just water in a different form, and it can cause serious damage to your floor boards.

Sweep and Vacuum Your Floors Regularly

While steam cleaners aren’t advised as part of your hardwood floor maintenance routine, there’s no issue with using brooms and vacuum cleaners. These tools are helpful for removing dirt, gravel, and other types of debris from your floors. These messes, when left unchecked, can be abrasive when you put your weight on top of them and grind them into your floor boards. Vacuuming and sweeping up dirt from your hardwood floor allows you to walk across your floor boards without worry.

Make Use of Mats and Rugs

It never hurts to give your floors a little extra protection. That’s why we recommend getting mats and rugs for your floors as part of your hardwood floor maintenance procedures. These will serve as barriers that trap dirt within them so that dirt never comes in contact with your hardwood floors. We recommend placing mats and rugs near the entrances of your house because you will likely track dirt into the house from outside, and you want to trap that dirt as soon as you come in.

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