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Problems That Summer Weather Gives Hardwood Flooring

Problems That Summer Weather Gives Hardwood Flooring

Today, we’ll be looking at specifically how summer weather can impact hardwood flooring.

Summer is a wonderful time of year for many reasons. It’s the perfect season for activities such as barbecues and pool parties. It’s a great season for getting outside while the weather is warm and daylight savings means the sun is out longer. One problem with summer, however, is how it can impact people’s homes, specifically any hardwood flooring they may have. Today, we’ll be looking at specifically how summer weather can impact hardwood flooring.


This is one of the biggest issues that hardwood flooring can experience during summer. Cupping is a phenomenon that results in floor boards bending. To be more specific, the edges of the floor boards will bend to be higher than the center. This happens because of exposure to moisture, typically caused by high humidity.

Fading Due to Sunlight Exposure

If hardwood floors are exposed to too much sunlight, it can cause the color of the floor to start fading. This can impact your floor’s appearance. Some types of wood, like American cherry, are more likely to be impacted by this phenomenon. It’s also more likely to occur when hardwood floors are near windows since windows allow natural light to get inside.

How to Address These Issues

  • Dealing with sun damage: If you’re concerned about your floor being aged due to sun exposure, there are some steps you can take. Using curtains on your windows can stop sunlight from getting inside, which protects your floor from premature fading. You can also shuffle around any furniture you have. This will stop certain areas of your floor from receiving more sunlight exposure than others.
  • Monitoring moisture levels: Since floorboard cupping happens due to excess moisture, it’s important to measure the moisture levels your floors have. This is best done both before and during the installation of the floor. If your floor does experience cupping, it may be necessary to get the floor replaced.

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