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Keeping Your Hardwood Floors Safe Against Water Damage

Keeping Your Hardwood Floors Safe Against Water Damage

Today, we’ll be going over how to keep your hardwood floors safe against water damage.

Water and wood is not a good combination. For people with hardwood floors in their homes, this is a constant concern. It’s important to keep water away from wooden floors whenever possible, and knowing how to keep floors safe against water is equally vital. Today, we’ll be going over how to keep your hardwood floors safe against water damage.

Don’t Install Hardwood Floors in Rooms With Plenty of Moisture

If you haven’t installed your floor just yet, think about if a hardwood floor is appropriate for the room you’re considering. Some rooms, such as kitchens and bathrooms, are exposed to more moisture than others. As such, hardwood floors might not be the best flooring solution for rooms such as these.

Look Into Water-Resistant Woods

Perhaps you’re adamant about using hardwood flooring in rooms that see above-average moisture levels. This is not impossible to achieve, as some woods offer a good deal of water resistance. Consider flooring options such as white oak and hickory if you’re using them in rooms with a lot of water exposure. For even greater water protection, you can go with engineered hardwood, which has resistance against contracting and expanding.

Use Dehumidifiers

A good way to prevent water damage to your floors is to minimize the amount of water in the vicinity of your floors. Dehumidifiers are fantastic for this purpose and, with their help, they can stop water damage before it even has the chance to occur.

For optimal humidity levels in your home, you want to keep indoor humidity at roughly 50%. This will keep the contracting and expanding of your floors to a minimum. You also want to pay attention to the weather outside. If you’re going to experience any rainy weather, you want to keep all of your windows closed so that rainwater doesn’t have the chance to sneak into your home and start affecting your hardwood floors.

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