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Reasons Why Hardwood Floor Cupping Can Happen

Reasons Why Hardwood Floor Cupping Can Happen

Let’s go over what hardwood floor cupping is, and how it can happen.

Hardwood floors have great durability that helps them last in your home for a long time. Nevertheless, there are still problems that these floors can encounter. One of these problems is floor cupping. This is a fairly common issue and, fortunately, there are measures you can take to fix and prevent this issue in the future. Let’s go over what hardwood floor cupping is, and how it can happen.

Reviewing Floor Cupping

Hardwood floor cupping is a phenomenon that takes place when wood reacts to moisture. Water will seep into your floor planks. Once this happens, whichever side of the wood board was closest to the moisture will start to expand.

Regarding how cupping looks, you’ll know it’s happening because the edges of your floor boards will be higher than the rest of the board. This will create a curved and concave shape.

If you don’t fix this problem, structural damage can occur in your home. Not only that, but your floors could also begin cracking or splintering, which is why addressing the problem quickly is so important.

What Causes Hardwood Floor Cupping?

There are a few reasons you could experience hardwood floor cupping. Sometimes, it’s humidity levels around your house, which raise the amount of moisture exposure your floors get. Other times, your floors could warp because of spills or leaks that happen around the house. If leaks and spills aren’t cleaned up swiftly, the water can seep into your floor boards to begin the cupping process.

How to Address Hardwood Floor Cupping

Keeping your floors dry is necessary if you want to prevent hardwood floor cupping. This means that you want to keep moisture levels from getting too high around your house. In the case of leaks and spills, cleaning them up quickly will stop the water from having the chance to seep into your floor boards.

Perhaps hardwood floor cupping has already started affecting your floor boards. If the damage is minor, you may be able to fix your floor boards by simply addressing the source of the issue. For more significant damage, you might have to replace whichever floor boards were affected.

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