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Hardwood Floor Refinishing

When your timber floor looks old and worn, stained or faded; or if you find that it’s lost its coating and sheen, it’s time to get it refinished. John K. Eareckson & Co is a leading Installer & Refinisher of Hardwood Floors that handles commercial and residential projects for customers across Baltimore/Washington, DC. We have been operating in this space for almost 100 years now and have made our mark in this industry.

Today, when residential or commercial property owners want to get Refinishing of Hardwood Floors in Washington D.C., the first company they think of is ours. We have a very simple objective- to provide outstanding and affordable wooden floor installation, finishing, repair and refinishing solutions. We are a fully bonded and insured company and all our experienced and expert installers are thoroughly background checked.

This gives you the assurance that the work will be carried out safely and efficiently. High-grade hardwood flooring that’s been properly installed and maintained can last for 100-150 years. We use the latest and most advanced technology in our work to provide solutions that add to the longevity of your floor installation.

The timber floor refinishing process

When you opt for our Refinishing in Baltimore solutions for your hardwood flooring, you can rest assured that the best practices will be used in our work. The process we follow is:

  • Belt sanding – We use the latest belt sanders in our work and these sand the flooring to perfection. This process gives the flooring a smooth finish and brings out the natural grains in the wood.
  • HEPA vacuums – While the wood is being sanded, a lot of wood dust gets generated, which pollutes and dirties the space. This is why we use the latest HEPA vacuums in our work; this helps get rid of 95% of the dust that’s generated.
  • UV – wooden flooring curing equipment- We use the top quality stains & UV finishes as well as the latest UV floor finish equipment. This makes the floor finish 40% tougher than any standard finishes.

When expertise matters

If your hardwood floor has become stained or damaged from moisture or is showing signs of wear, we are the company to call for all your Refinishing in Washington D.C. requirements. For more information, you can speak with our Hardwood Floors experts at John K. Eareckson & Co by dialing this number- (410) 788-4200, Monday • Friday: 7 a.m. • 7 p.m. You can also send us details of your requirement via this online form and we will revert shortly. Our experts are here to help with free consultations and we also provide free estimates.