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Preventing Scratches On Your Hardwood Floors

Preventing Scratches On Your Hardwood Floors

Let’s take a look at ways you can protect your hardwood floors against scratching.

Hardwood floors are great for many people’s homes. They make your home more beautiful, and they can even help raise your house’s monetary value. One thing you need to consider, however, is that hardwood floors require upkeep in order to continue looking nice. These floors are susceptible to scratches if you don’t take the right precautions. Let’s take a look at ways you can protect your hardwood floors against scratching.

Put Protective Pads on Your Furniture

The legs of your furniture can quickly cause scratches to add up on your hardwood floors. To prevent this, put protective rubber pads on the legs of your furniture. The rubber pads will serve as a protective barrier that stops the legs of your furniture from scratching your flooring.

Don’t Wear Shoes in the House

Shoes can track all sorts of debris into your house, and this debris gets caught in your floors. Sometimes, the debris is abrasive, and friction between your floors and this debris can cause your floors to get damaged over time. By taking your shoes off when in the house, you won’t track any damaging debris into your home.

For Pet Owners, Trim Your Pets’ Nails

If you have pets, it’s important to keep their claws trimmed. If you don’t, sharp claws can quickly chip away at your hardwood floors. This is especially true when your pets get excited and start running and playing.

Regularly Sweep and Vacuum Your Hardwood Floors

As we mentioned earlier, dirt and debris can cause serious damage to your hardwood flooring. While preventing debris from getting inside is preferred, we know that it’s not always a realistic possibility. Whenever dirt does find its way into your home, make sure you use a broom and vacuum to remove the dirt as quickly as possible. The less time the dirt sticks around, the less time it has to cause damage to your flooring.

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