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What Causes Squeaky Hardwoods And How To Fix Them

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As hardwoods age, the more susceptible to squeaking they become.

Hardwood floors are so beautiful and bring a lot of aesthetic and monetary value to your home, but they are not immune to problems. One annoying issue that almost every hardwood floor owner eventually faces is squeaky hardwoods. Some noise when walked on happens on any floor, even brand new ones. However, excessive squeaking can really be an issue for many families, especially those with members that suffer from auditory sensory issues. But don’t worry, there are actually many ways to fix squeaky hardwoods at home. It’s also important to understand why and how hardwoods squeak in the first place. Here’s why hardwoods squeak over time and what you can do to alleviate the noise. 

Why Do Hardwoods Squeak?

All floors over time age. With aging, they start to warp underneath the weight of people or animals walking on them all day long. Heavy furniture can also put a weight on the hardwoods. When used heavily, this causes friction to occur on the hardwoods, which eventually wears them down, causing gaps in the installation. Most squeaks and creaks are from nails no longer holding the hardwood floor board correctly, creating that annoying sound when walked on. But there are other causes, like two floorboards rubbing against each other, worn subfloor fasteners, and more.

How Do I Fix the Squeaks? 

There are a few ways of approaching fixing squeaky hardwoods. One is by taking a look at the subfloor from underneath the lower level, such as in a crawlspace or basement, after taking out the insulation or ceiling. This method obviously will induce construction costs since you’ll need to remove most of the ceiling covers to get to the floorboards. However, this is the easiest way to identify and fix creaks in the floorboards. This is the recommended method for hardwoods that need a total redux and a lot of repairs

What If I Can’t Access the Hardwoods from Below?

Don’t worry; there are other ways to fix your squeaky hardwoods from above as well. Luckily, hardwoods are an easier type of floor to fix from above as opposed to carpet and laminates since often the nails or floorboards themselves are the troublemakers. If you suspect the squeaking noises are from two floorboards rubbing up against each other, try adding powdered graphite between the boards. Sweep up with a broom and then vacuum overtop to get rid of any excess graphite. This will create a buffer between the boards, fixing the irritating rubbing sound. If you suspect the problem is a bad nail, you can add another one for extra support. Drill a pilot nail at an angle near the joist of the hardwoods affected. Hammer a one-inch finish nail through the hole, then countersink the nail using a nailset. Finally, use a nail filler to cover, and voila! No more squeaking hardwoods.

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