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Patterned Carpet and Why You Should Consider it For Your Home

Patterned carpet is an easy way to add interest and pizzaz to a room, without a substantial effort. Still not convinced about installing patterned carpet in your home? Read on!

Installing patterned carpet is a fun and unique way to protect your hardwoods below.

Patterned carpet is an easy way to add interest and pizzaz to a room, without a substantial effort. Whether you’re remodeling the whole room or simply refreshing it with new accents, changing out the carpets is a great option. Check with your favored contractor or carpeting services provider to see what sorts of patterned carpet they have available, and you may be amazed by the range of choices available. Still not convinced about installing patterned carpet in your home? Read on!

Bold, Interesting Focal Point

A bold pattern on your carpeting or rugs is a great foundation for a room design. When your flooring includes multiple colors, you have multiple ways to tie other accents in the room together. An interestingly patterned rug also can act as your focal point, allowing your larger furniture pieces to become supporting characters. This way, if you want to change the feel of the room again, say seasonally, all you have to do is change out your patterned rugs. Finally, remember that the patterns in a rug or carpet are typically woven in, so an interesting pattern is almost always accompanied by interesting changes in texture. This may be a small thing, but it makes walking on the rug barefoot a more stimulating experience.

Less Maintenance

The side effects of everyday living (dust, dirt, hair, debris) are often immediately visible on most hardwoods and even on solid colored carpets, requiring regular maintenance to keep them looking their best. When your carpets have a pattern, however, the pattern often hides this wear and tear. This is why hotels and restaurants that have carpeting often opt for patterns. It won’t allow you to stop vacuuming entirely, but it will allow you to do it less often.

Patterned Carpet is Stair-Safe

Hardwood flooring is undeniably beautiful, but it is also undeniable something else – hard. While that should go without saying, it is easy to forget that hardwoods can be slippery in socks or wet feet and when you fall on them it can hurt. This is especially true on stairs and especially true if you live with young kids or aging adults. Carpeting makes stairs safer by adding traction and softening the impact if someone does fall. Many people assume that a patterned carpet would be an automatic “no” on stairs because the pattern could make it hard to see and navigate the steps. While this may be true of some patterns (horizontal stripes, for instance), it is not true of every pattern. It is certainly possible to safely carpet stairs, even with patterned carpet. 

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