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How to Fix Minor Scratches on your Hardwood Floors

This helpful guide can assist you in fixing small scratches in your hardwood floors yourself to keep your floors seemingly brand new.

A microfiber cloth is a good way to get rid of dust and debris in order to begin to buff out the scratches on your hardwood floors.

Have you ever had a moment where you are dragging a heavy item across the floor for a little redecorating, only to remember in horror, “My hardwood floors!” You look below, and little small scratches began to appear, putting a ding in your beautiful hardwoods. Fear not! Hardwoods are durable but are not invincible, so scratches are bound to happen. Even better, the occasional minor scratch can be easily solved on your own. This helpful guide can assist you in fixing small scratches in your hardwood floors yourself to keep your floors seemingly brand new. 

Gather Materials

You will need a few things to keep around the house for regular upkeep and maintenance of small scratches. These items include:

  • #0000 super-fine grade steel wool (Pro tip: make sure to buy steel wool that is NOT pre-soap infused, such as steel wool made for dishwashing)
  • stain markers or resin based-marker paste
  • matching wood stain (if a large area becomes discolored)

These should be efficient for removing or covering up small scratches that are less than an 8th of an inch deep. If you are worried about the scratches becoming deeper over time, pick up some fine-grade sandpaper and solvent-based wood filler to use when the time comes. 

Step One: Clean the Scratched Areas on the Hardwood Floors

Using a soft bristles broom and dustpan, clean out any debris around the scratched areas. Then use a hardwood flooring appropriate cleaner to further reduce dust. Make sure to never use a product intended to wax, seal, or shine. This is not needed for cleaning; all it will do is make the actual scratch removal process much harder and add unnecessary steps. 

Step Two: Color Matching

After you have made sure that the affected area is thoroughly cleaned, go ahead and test a color-matched marker to a very small area of the scratch. If the color blends in, then keep that in mind for later. If it doesn’t perfectly blend, take a small sheet of paper or a test piece of wood. Combine color markers together until you reach a desirable outcome. 

Step Three: Apply the Color to the Hardwood Floors

Using a brush or marker, apply the desired color mix to a small part of the affected scratches. If everything looks satisfactory, go ahead and use this colorant combination on the rest of the scratched areas. Once the colorant is completely dry, move on to the next step. 

Step Four: Get Rubbing

Gently rub over the now dry scratched area with the steel wool. Afterward, use a tack cloth or glasses cleaner to make sure to clean the area of any tiny dirt particles. 

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