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5 Advantages of Choosing Wood Parquet Flooring

5 Advantages of Choosing Wood Parquet Flooring JKEHardwoodFlooring

The wood pieces are arranged to make a pattern, so you can select which patterns and wood styles look best for your home and bring them together beautifully.

If you didn’t already know, one of the most popular types of flooring in any building is wood parquet flooring. This wood flooring is made with a selection of three different kinds and grains of wood placed together to create a pattern. There is no limit to which size or type pattern can be set in any room, which gives the property owner many more options than standard wood grains can provide them. If you are looking for an appealing, infinitely versatile, stylish, and durable type of wood flooring, look no further than wood parquet flooring. This style of wood flooring can provide you with the following excellent benefits. 

A Beautiful Appearance 

Wood parquet flooring has a sophisticated and unique appearance. At the same time, this style can be switched up and altered to match any lifestyle, taste, and style you may want for your property. The wood pieces are arranged to make a pattern, so you can select which patterns and wood styles look best for your home and bring them together beautifully. 

Easy to Clean 

Parquet flooring is easy to keep clean, making it an excellent option for many people with busy families or businesses. Routine sweeping and mopping can keep the floor looking great. At the same time, wood parquet flooring does not stain easily and does not absorb odors. This can keep your floors looking great for years. 

Durable Materials

Your parquet flooring is very durable and can withstand lots of everyday wear and tear. Because parquet wood flooring is hardwood, it is very strong and can have a lifespan of as long as 50 years. 

Free of Allergens

Wood parquet flooring can be one of the best options if someone in your building has allergies. This is because parquet flooring does not trap allergens the way that other flooring materials can. This flooring is also easy to keep clean. Even if you have pets in the home, parquet flooring does not easily hold onto the dander that pets leave behind. 

Budget-Friendly Flooring

Parquet flooring can fit easily into almost any budget. Since there are many options available for the type of wood you use, the finish, you select, and the pattern, parquet flooring comes at a range of prices. Additionally, this makes it easy for those with smaller budgets to find a design they love that is just as durable, low-maintenance, and stylish as any other parquet design. 

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When you work with John K Eareckson & Co., Flooring, we will ensure your hardwood floors undergo a stress-free acclimation process and that they sparkle for years to come; from a seamless and beautiful installation to years of maintenance, John K Eareckson & Co. Flooring has the expertise to care for your home’s hardwood floors. For a consultation and more information, visit us online or give us a call at 410-788-4200. You can also look for us on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Flickr.




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