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How to Pick Hardwood Floors That Are Easy to Maintain

How to Pick Hardwood Floors That Are Easy to Maintain

How can you know you’re getting the right hardwood floors for you if you need an option that’s easier to maintain?

When you’re planning a remodeling project, the floors are one of the biggest decisions you have to make, and sometimes one of the hardest. There are so many amazing flooring options out there, from carpets to tile to laminate. Hardwood floors continue to be an extremely popular choice, but even that category has a surprising number of types and styles to choose from. How can you know you’re getting the right hardwood for you? Once you’ve found one that you like the look and price of, the next thing to consider is maintenance – you don’t want to end up hating the floors you loved in the showroom because of how much work it takes to keep them looking great. Here are the key considerations you should look for.


The density of wood is classified using the Janka hardness scale, and different wood species have different densities. The more dense a wood is, the less likely it is to scratch or dent, and the less maintenance you will have to do to keep it looking its best. 


The type of finish your wood flooring has will also determine how resistant to wear it is. The glossier the finish, the more it can resist scratching, and the easier it is to maintain. The finish can also be either oil-based or water-based. Oil-based finishes withstand natural expansion and contraction better and stand up to heat and solvents better, while water-based finishes show fewer scratches and wear. 


The color of the wood can also help ease the burden of maintenance by hiding things better. Lighter toned woods tend to conceal dirt and dust better, while those really show up against darker toned woods. Likewise, scratches are very visible on dark stained floors. Multi-toned floors tend to hide the presence of stains best since they may blend in with the natural pattern.

Humidity Resistance

One of the benefits of hardwood floors is the improvement in indoor air quality, but that indoor air can also impact the floors. The air in your home can vary throughout the year, and even throughout the day in terms of temperature and humidity. Both of these – especially humidity – can cause problems for wood floors. They can weaken over time because of the constant expanding and contracting they endure. Some hardwoods are more resistant to humidity and less prone to warping or discoloration, especially engineered hardwoods. Choose a wood that is less prone to these issues, so you don’t have to worry about constantly managing the temperature and humidity in your home.

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