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3 Important Tips For Keeping Your Hardwood Floors Clean In the Winter

3 Important Tips For Keeping Your Hardwood Floors JKE Hardwood Flooring Clean In the Winter
Adding a walk-off matt will essentially protect your floors against slush, snow, mud, and salt.

Hardwood floors can become your worst nightmare during the winter. Why? Well, this is because salt, slush, and no can get stuck to the bottom of your shoes and then tracked all over your floor. Although moisture is the most significant factor, it shouldn’t be the only thing that concerns you. This is because typically, the chemicals found inside the salt used to fight ice can tear apart hardwood floors if it’s left unsupervised. However, with the correct preparation, you’ll be able to keep your floors clean without any damage from winter. In this blog, you’ll learn three of the best ways to keep your hardwood floors in tip-top shape during winter. Continue reading!

 Add Walk-Off Mats Indoors & Outdoors

You find that to keep your wooden floors looking great. It’s highly recommended to place a walk-off mat outside and inside of the entry doors. Adding a walk-off matt will essentially protect your floors against slush, snow, mud, and salt. Be sure to use mats that are high-quality for both your indoor and outdoor use. You must avoid any low-quality mats or any made from cheap materials to prevent mildew and mold.

Additionally, if you decide to use carpet or fabric mats, ensure that you pick up the mat if it’s wet and put it somewhere else. Doing so will prevent damage to your hardwood floors, just as simple as having no mat entirely. 

Take Off Your Shoes

As mentioned earlier, having walk-off mats set at the entryways of your home can help your floors stay protected and, of course, clean. Although, these mats usually absorb an average of 90 percent of the ice, dirt, and snow from your shoes. Therefore, you’ll want to make taking off your shoes a habit when you’re on your walk-off mat. Afterward, place your wet shoes somewhere else, and never put them on your hardwood floors.

Watch Out For Humidity & Heat

If you typically run your heat during the winter season, you may be drying out the hardwood. You see, having too much dry heat can lead to shrunk and cracked floorboards that you’ll eventually have to replace. To prevent this from happening, use humidifiers to keep any moisture in the air whenever the heat is on.

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