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Summertime Parties and Hardwood Floors

Summertime Parties and Hardwood Floors

Slippers are just one of the options you have to protect your hardwood floors during summertime parties!

Summertime parties are a lot of fun, there’s little doubt about that. But while your home, deck, and patio might be open to visitors, what about your hardwood floors? There are many reasons for parties and celebrations throughout the year, but with graduations, 4th of July barbecues, and end of summer shindigs all so common, your hardwood floors might not be able to withstand all the attention, not to mention all the possible damage. Here are some ways you can help protect your hardwood floors during all of those summertime parties: asking guests to remove their shoes, using rugs to prevent scratches, laying down towels, and even performing some simple cleaning.

Asking Guests to Remove Their Shoes

When you first enter a home, you should remove your shoes. Removing your shoes is a mark of respect. Once your guests begin to arrive, ask your them to remove their shoes. Encourage them to wear socks or go barefoot. Let them choose, as long as they take their shoes off while they’re inside.

Some guests, however,  may be reluctant or even unable to take off their shoes. They’ll simply be more comfortable that way. If this is the case, another possibility is making soft, colorful slippers part of the proceedings. Keep a wide variety of these slippers near the door for guests to put on when they come in. At the end of the night, you could even let your guests keep the slippers they wore to remember the party by.

Using Rugs and Carpets

Rugs can prevent scratches from forming on your hardwood floors. There are several types of rugs to choose from to help accentuate your floors. For instance, consider adding a runner. Runners provide more protection for your floors especially as foot traffic increases during a busy party. When you don’t need them, you can simply put the rugs away. You could also leave them out all year long to improve how your floors look and help decorate your home. Larger rugs are useful for aesthetics as well. With larger rugs, you can cover more floor space and give your floors a pop of color, especially if your floors are made of darker hardwood.

Laying Down Towels

Strong storms are common during the summer months. Even if your party is held mostly outdoors, consider where you’ll end up if the rain drives you inside. Laying down towels can help cover the areas rugs can’t reach or simply can’t be placed. Keep these towels by the door, especially for when children and pets come back in.

Performing Some Simple Cleaning

Waxing your floors may seem like a good idea before any sort of get-together. Unfortunately, freshly-waxed floors also tend to be slipperier than normal. Don’t let the good food and drink end up on the floor for your rugs and towels to enjoy instead. Some simple cleaning can remove dust and dirt. You should also keep napkins or tissues close at hand to clean any spills as soon as they happen.

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