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Pairing Antiques and Hardwood Flooring

Pairing Antiques and Hardwood Flooring

Antiques and hardwood flooring pair really well together so let’s explore this technique together and learn more about it!

Antiques can often be a really important part of familial nostalgia and can greatly enhance a room. When it comes to designing a room and coming up with a cohesive look, it is important to understand how colors, patterns and art pair together. Antiques and hardwood flooring pair really well together so let’s explore this technique together and learn more about it!


A Period Room

In interior design there are formal design periods historically defined by their locations; London, Paris, Germany, Switzerland and America. If you are looking into having a period room – paying homage to a specific period of time and place – talking to an interior designer can really benefit you. Antiques are typically associated with a certain time period and with any style you choose you will have to be careful how you incorporate other items like wall color and flooring.

Whether you choose to match the colors or find one that contrasts it, there are some other factors to keep in mind. One such factor is the amount of hardwood in your floors.

Clean Cut Hardwood Flooring

If your floors are exclusively hardwood you may be able to match antiques with more ease. Consider the time period and location of your antiques and pick a hardwood that reflects that. For example, for classic American treasures consider redwood flooring to bring the room together cohesively. A room that is tied together is more comfortable to sit in and more importantly, much more aesthetically pleasing. To improve the aesthetics of a room, think about adding both area rugs and artwork.

Adding Area Rugs and Artwork

Consider using area rugs for a softer look in any room. Most designers would recommend leaving eighteen inches of wood flooring exposed around the edge of the rug. Choose your antique that is the focal point of your room and draw inspiration from the colors and lines to pick a comparable area rug. This can make a room cozier. But you should know it can also cause a more of a hassle when it comes to pairing antiques.

You should also consider combining multiple area rugs in the same room. These rugs can provide extra seating. Wherever you place these seating rugs, be sure to anchor them with the furniture you intend to gather around it. That way, the rugs won’t easily slide around on the floor.

If your room is on display and you wish to add more artwork, consider art that goes with the feel of the room. If your hardwood is exposed completely, consider a large piece of art in a similar style to your antiques to draw the eye. Seek out sculptures, lamps, and other antiques to complement your chosen time period.

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