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Removing Scratches on Hardwood Floors

scratches on hardwood floors

We have this phenomenal guide to help you out: here’s how you can start removing scratches on hardwood floors.

Oh no! Your beautiful new hardwood has been scratched! Understandably, there are any number of causes for this. And despite the overall toughness and durability of hardwood floors, you should be prepared for whenever scratches and other damages occur. Fortunately, we have this phenomenal guide to help you out. Here’s how you can start removing scratches on hardwood floors.

Scratches on Hardwood Floors Don’t Stand a Chance!

Although there are more dramatic solutions such as refinishing and even choosing to re-sand your hardwood, you don’t always have to reach for the last resort. First, let’s look at how to handle light scratches on hardwood floors:

  • Ensure that your hardwood floor will accept any maintenance. Refreshers can be used to remove these scratches, but be sure that your hardwood flooring works with it. If not, refreshers can actually destroy your floors instead. Whatever refreshers you choose, seek the opinion of hardwood flooring professionals to check you’re making the right choice.
  • Read all of the directions on the product that you’ve selected.
  • Following the directions, use the refresher and then let it dry out and set.
  • Replace every few months or so, depending on if it looks like it needs to be replaced.

Deeper, Thinner Scratches

If the stain and finish have both been infiltrated, consider using more stain to fix this type of scratch. While this won’t fix the scratch, you can disguise it for the time being. Try the following:

  • Use a stain that matches your current stain.
  • Clean off the area you’re preparing to stain and make sure it is totally dry before continuing.
  • Add the stain to whatever applying method you choose. Be careful, though. If you use too much stain you might call even more attention to the problem rather than downplaying it.
  • Get the stain down into the scratching as if you were polishing silver.

Broader, Gouged Scratches

Make sure there is no dust or dirt around the area of the scratch. Use wood filler that matches the existing hardwood and sandpaper to fill in the scratch. Remember to dry out the area you use the sandpaper on.

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