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Should My Hardwood Flooring Be Repaired, Replaced, or Refinished?

Should My Hardwood Flooring Be Repaired, Replaced, or Refinished?

Today, we’ll help you decide if you should repair, replace, or refinish your hardwood flooring.

Has your hardwood flooring sustained damage lately? If so, you’re likely looking for ways to restore it to peak condition. There are a few avenues you can take to restore your hardwood flooring. These options include repairing it, replacing it, or refinishing it. So, how do you know which will be the most effective solution for your situation? That’s what we’re here to help you determine. Today, we’ll help you decide if you should repair, replace, or refinish your hardwood flooring.

What if Your Floor is Cupping?

One sign of hardwood floor damage is when you see cupping in the floorboards. When your boards cup, the planks begin to dip in the center, and the edges start to rise. This phenomenon is caused when your floor takes in too much moisture. Typically, if cupping occurs, it’s because your floor doesn’t have a sufficient vapor barrier, or the subfloor was never properly sealed.

When deciding how to fix the problem, it depends on the extent of the damage. If only a couple of floorboards are affected, you can simply replace the ones that are impacted. If most, or all, of your floorboards experience cupping, your entire floor will have to get replaced to prevent future problems.

What if Your Floor Has Gaps In-Between the Planks?

While gaps can be normal for your floorboards, it depends on the size of the gaps the boards have. If you have excessive gaps in your floorboards, it’s not something that should be ignored. Instead, you’ll have to hire a hardwood flooring company to either repair or replace your floor for you. Professionals can tell you which option is more suitable for your situation.

What If Your Flooring is Chipped or Cracked as a Result of Nailing?

This is an issue that doesn’t always occur during the flooring installation, but rather it happens due to excessive force your floorboards sustain. When your hardwood flooring experiences too much force, the boards can crack and chip.

The best solution to this problem will depend on when this issue is detected. Sometimes, this problem does occur during the installation process, and if you acknowledge it early on into the installation, you can replace the damaged floor boards without too much trouble. In some instances, though, the boards that are damaged are already surrounded by other floorboards. In this case, it can be better for you to refinish your flooring instead. Refinishing your flooring can help you deal with any minor damage it has sustained.

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