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Why Get a Hardwood Floor Installation in Fall?

Why Get a Hardwood Floor Installation in Fall?

We’ll be explaining why fall is the best season for getting your hardwood floor installation completed.

Home improvement projects have a lot of steps involved with them. You need to map out a budget. You need to know exactly how the project should look in the end. You need to find a suitable company to carry out the project for you. These steps are essential for any project, and a hardwood floor installation is no exception.

One other thought to consider is when you’re going to get the project finished. For a hardwood floor installation, we recommend getting the project done during fall. We’ll be explaining why fall is the best season for getting your hardwood floor installation completed.

There is Less Moisture in Fall

Wooden floors don’t like a lot of moisture, and certain seasons, like spring and summer, have more moisture in the air. This extra moisture can get absorbed by your floor boards, and this can cause them to warp before you’ve even finished the installation.

Fall, on the other hand, is a season with less moisture. This will make it easier for your hardwood floor installation company to complete the installation process without your floor boards being damaged.

Air Gets Too Dry During Winter

We know we just mentioned how too much moisture is a problem, but excessively dry weather is also a problem, and this typically happens during winter. During the cold months of winter, you’ll be using a heating system to keep your home toasty. This takes moisture out of the air in your house, and when the air is too dry, your floor boards will contract and make gaps form.

The gaps will eventually go away after more moisture gets introduced into your home again, but it complicates the installation process since contraction has to be factored in from the start. The neutral weather that fall brings helps you avoid this complication.

Adhesives Require a Certain Range of Temperature

When getting your hardwood floor installation, you have to think about what temperature is optimal while your adhesives are drying. If the temperature is too cold, drying could happen too soon. When temperatures are too hot, drying could be significantly slowed down, or possibly even stopped. Fall temperatures tend to be ideal for the drying process. Keeping your house to around 70 and 80 degrees allows your adhesives to dry at the proper rate.

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