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Keeping Winter Weather from Ruining Your Hardwood Floors

Protecting Hardwood in the Winter

Winter weather can put a lot of strain on your hardwood floors.

Now that winter weather is becoming a nuisance, protecting your home from it is crucial. Whether it’s your roof, your basement, or your hardwood floors, taking small steps to protect your home from winter weather will go a long way. Here are some of the easy ways to ensure your hardwood floors look great all winter long.

Gapping Between the Boards

Just like any other wood, hardwood expands and contracts based on humidity levels in the room. As the weather gets colder, they tend to get wider and shrink. If you are concerned about this happening, get a humidifier for the room(s) that have hardwood flooring to help lessen the effects of winter. Humidifiers can also help with your health too!

Ice Melt and Road Salt

These chemical-laden crystals can wreak havoc on your hardwood flooring. If they are stuck to the bottom of your boots or getting tracked in other ways, make sure to have a door mat available to wipe off before you enter or consider having guests take off their shoes as they enter the house. Rock salt and ice melt can cause scratches, major damage to the finish and surface of your hardwood flooring, and leave behind a slick film on the surface that will damage it over time.


Water is a year-round nuisance for your hardwood flooring, as it can cause warping and board damage that is costly to fix. Make sure that you regularly sweep and mop to prevent any melting snow or ice from sitting on the surface of your flooring in the winter.

Kids & Pets

It can be adorable to watch your kids and pets play outside in the snow, but it’s less adorable to pay for an entire floor replacement after a winter of tracked ice and road salt all over. Make sure you have towels available to wipe off paws and hands when they come in and teach your child how to shake off extra snow, remove their winter gear, and wipe up puddles they create.

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