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Can You Use Wood Flooring in your Bathroom?

Wood Floor in the Bathroom

Can you do wood flooring in the bathroom? It’s possible, but there are some pros and cons to it.

Many homeowners don’t need to think twice about using wood flooring throughout their home. The look and feel is unparalleled, nothing quite as comforting and refined as the quiet dignity of natural materials. However, a bathroom with wooden floors is rare. While many believe it is a bad idea, the wooden floored bathroom is beginning to become more common with others championing it and choosing it for their homes. Read on to learn more about the pros and cons of choosing wood flooring for your bathroom.

The Pros

As you will probably spend time in your bathroom barefoot, you will feel the comforting warmth of wood compared to the shocking cold of porcelain or tile. Wood also offers a look many prefer over other materials. It is also a timeless classic that operates wholly outside of the whims of interior design trends, meaning that when you choose wood you never have to be concerned with it going out of style or looking tacky in a few years. Every plank of hardwood has its own personality, lending to a unique and beautiful natural feel.

The Cons

Most of the negatives that come with having wooden flooring in a bathroom are related to the moisture aspect of it. Wood can expand, plump, warp, and crack when under attack from moisture. If the finish used after installation is not of a high enough quality, you will probably be in trouble.You will also not be able to nail hardwood planks to the subfloor, as this creates holes which will allow moisture to creep through. As you will have to contend with increased moisture and an organic material, the risk of mold and mildew taking root is high. Mold and mildew can not only create an unpleasant smell which can make even the most beautiful bathroom an unpleasant place to be but can potentially create a health risk.   

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