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5 Common Misconceptions About Hardwood Floors

Hardwood Flooring Misconceptions

Let’s bust a few misconceptions about hardwood flooring.

Hardwood flooring is incredibly popular due to its beauty, durability, and wow factor. Even though it’s a popular choice for homeowners seeking the perfect flooring, it still suffers from many different misconceptions. Here are five of the most common misconceptions about hardwood floors and why they are wrong.

Misconception #1: Hardwood Floors Harm the Environment

Many people assume that because hardwood is made of wood, it being removed from the environment is a bad thing contributing to global warming and deforestation. However, trees used for hardwood flooring are not simply hacked down by rogue loggers. Instead, the U.S. Department of Agriculture Forest Service regulates how many trees of each type can be cut down and the replanting process, to ensure that tree populations are not harmed as a result of hardwood flooring.

Misconception #2: Hardwood Floors Attract Dirt

Hardwood flooring can show dirt and dust more than carpet, but that’s simply because it isn’t absorbent so dust has nowhere to hide. Carpet, despite not showing the dirt, will still get dirty just as quickly. Hardwood flooring is great for allergy sufferers, as dirt and dust can be immediately identified and easily cleaned up.

Misconception #3: Hardwood Floors Are a Bad Investment

This misconception isn’t so much a myth as a ridiculous falsehood. Homes that have hardwood flooring sell quicker than those without—and they sell for higher prices. Hardwood floors are a fantastic investment when you are looking to sell your home, and they retain value much better than carpeting.

Misconception #4: Hardwood Floors Make a Room Feel Cold

Carpets are popular in bedrooms and living rooms because they feel soft, but hardwood flooring can also retain heat and help insulate your home. As long as you choose a warm shade of wood and accent it with lush rugs and furniture, your room will only feel as cold as your imagination.

Misconception #5: Hardwood Floors Are Not Kid and Pet-Friendly

The last misconception is especially damaging for families, as it simply isn’t true. Hardwood flooring today is designed to be incredibly durable, so kids and pets are no match for its strength and beauty.

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