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Installing Hardwood Over Concrete Surfaces

Installing Hardwood Over Concrete Surfaces

You can install hardwood flooring almost anywhere in your home. It is possible to place it over a concrete surface as well.

You can install hardwood flooring almost anywhere in your home. It is possible to place it over a concrete surface as well. It might just require more time, effort, and caution. Even if you feel like you aren’t up to the task, then you can trust the professionals to help do it for you. Here is a look at how to install hardwood over a concrete subfloor somewhere in your home.

Move Everything Around 

The first step is to move everything out of the way so you can access the concrete. Getting rid of the old flooring and storing it somewhere is indispensable, of course. Trim and baseboard should be uninstalled for the time being as well. By doing this, you can avoid leaving gaps behind. Take the time to sand off the paint and stain on your baseboards to help spruce them up and make them look more aesthetically pleasing

Put Up Moisture Guards

The second step is to put up moisture guards to help protect your hardwood. This is even more important for concrete subfloors in a more humid environment such as in your home’s basement. Moisture barriers are essential, and you can’t exclude them from this portion of the project. For floating floors, you will need plastic guards; for nailed floors, you will need a guard that protects the flooring and the subfloor at the same time. Glued floors will require something more robust. That’s because the floor is directly attached to the subfloor, so the associated barrier needs to be more resilient. 

Prepare the Flooring 

After all of that is done, it’s time to prepare the actual hardwood flooring that you want to use. There are two different techniques for doing this. Floating floorboards click together without the need for any adhesives and form a solid floor. Foam can be a nice cushion between the subfloor and the actual floor since it makes it quieter and more comfortable to walk on. Meanwhile, for conventional flooring, you’ll have to do something a bit different. In other words, you will need the adhesive bit by bit and get it a full twenty-four hours to finish drying. 

Finish It Up 

Put the baseboards and trim back into where you find them. Clean up the room and pat yourself on the back – you’ve done a tremendous job!

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