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Comparing Different Varieties of Hardwood

Comparing Different Varieties of Hardwood

There are many varieties of hardwood flooring that you could choose from for your home. For example, a huge variety of hardwood species exist.

There are many varieties of hardwood flooring that you could choose from for your home. For example, a huge variety of hardwood species exist. Adding more hardwood to your home in place of carpets calls for several decisions to be made, so let’s run through some basic comparisons

Finished and Unfinished 

You can have finished hardwood installed, or unfinished. You might also wonder what the difference is between the two. When you choose finished hardwood, it already has a stain and finishes. That means it can be installed more quickly, whether or not the subfloor is made of concrete. There are no bad odors either, which could present a problem otherwise.  Unfinished hardwood is an empty canvas. Once it has been installed, that’s when the stains and finishes are applied along with several coats of sealant. This process does take a little bit of time, but if you want to boost aesthetic appeal, then it is the way to go. 

Solid and Engineered 

Now let’s talk about solid hardwood flooring and its counterpart, engineered hardwood. Solid hardwood is typically less than an inch thick, but its greatest attribute is that it can take multiple applications of refinishing treatments. If you’ve got a lot of foot traffic in your home from a large family coupled with numerous pets, then this is the best option. Just be sure to avoid using it in your basement! Also, engineered hardwood could be a good choice as well. Unlike solid flooring, it is suitable for usage in a basement since it withstands humidity better and is incredibly stable, which helps boost its life expectancy. 

Wood Type 

What type of wood do you want to use for your flooring? The answer to that question is enormously influential on the entire process. For one thing, the aesthetics will be different depending on the type of wood that you have chosen. For another, what you want to have installed is also up to you (personal preference). You might have to do some research about the wood you wish to use, especially if one of your goals is to choose sustainable wood. 

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