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Pairing Hardwood Stairs With Your Wood Floors

Pairing Hardwood Stairs With Your Wood Floors

With these tips in mind, you should be able to find the right pairing of hardwood stairs that complement your wood floors perfectly.

Choosing the right hardwood floors is a big investment. Not only are you spending the time to think about what your floors will look like, but it’s a decision that can end up impacting many other home design elements. One such example is what kind of hardwood stairs you’re going to install alongside your wood floors. Many choose hardwood floors because they’re so inviting, and it’s only natural to want your stairs to match. With these tips in mind, you should be able to find the right pairing of hardwood stairs that complement your wood floors perfectly.

Wood Grains

With any transition space involving hardwood, you need to think about how the grains flow into each other. It’s one of the best visual cues you can use to lead into a wood stairway. If the grain direction completely changes, it creates a barrier that disrupts the general flow and atmosphere of your home. There are some situations where you may want to alter the grain directions, like in larger rooms with steps that land within the room itself, so be on the lookout for creative designs if you want to do something other than the typical matching of grain patterns.

Build Quality

The more simple a stairway is, the more a designer can really get creative. Just keep in mind that very simple stairways can also be unsafe if not designed properly. Cutting down on how much railing is being used can open a space up and lend to a unique, modern design, but users should still find the staircase comfortable. Reinforced hand-rails can go a long way in making sure your hardwood stairs feel as good as it looks.

Color Options

After you know what kind of wood you’re going to use for your floors, you can start thinking about colors. Typically, you’re going to use the same color between your hardwood floors and your wood stairs. That is unless you have a particularly eclectic design in mind. You may not want to have your stair treads finished before installation due to the wear and tear that can happen during this process, but your installer should be able to find you a stain that matches your floor.


Hand-scraped floors, or distressed floors, can give a lot of depth and personality to your wood flooring. This trend can continue to your steps as well. If safety is a concern, just know that a trustworthy stair manufacturer and installer can both work with distressed stair treads.

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