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How to Address Dents in Your Hardwood Floor

How to Address Dents in Your Hardwood Floor

Today, we’ll be showing you how to address dents that can show up in your hardwood floor.

Nobody wants to have dents in their hardwood floor, but there’s always the chance that they pop up. When they do, it’s important to know how to proceed so that your floor can be restored to its pristine condition. This is so that your floor can be functional and safe for everyone who may use it. That’s why, today, we’ll be showing you how to address dents that can show up in your hardwood floor.

Assess the Issue

Dented floors can happen for various reasons. Sometimes, your floor might not even be dented, but scratched instead. That’s why the first step to take is to assess the damage to your floor, and determine what the cause(s) might be.

If only the top layer of the finish is compromised, it means the scratches or dents aren’t very severe. You can get rid of them by using moisture and heat. To start, be sure that the dent is completely clean. You don’t want any pieces of wood missing from the flooring itself. Once you’re good to go, put a damp towel on top of the dent. After that, you should place a steamer on top of the towel. The wood will begin to rise at this point. Continue using the steamer to dab the wood until it’s level again.

Dealing With Gouges

Gouges are more serious than your average dents. With gouges, the wood fibers have become frayed or broken. They can impact the appearance of your hardwood floor. To address gouges, you should use wood filler to plug the holes back up. You want to find a color that matches your floor’s current color.

When applying the filler, you should apply it slowly, then give it time to dry. After the filler has dried, sand the area over the patch.

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