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How Hardwood Flooring is Affected by Humidity

How Hardwood Flooring is Affected by Humidity

Keep reading to learn the ways that humidity can impact hardwood flooring.

Hardwood flooring can be beautiful in any home setting, but only when it’s properly maintained. To keep your floor in great condition, you have to stay on top of anything that could damage it. One variable that can put hardwood floors at risk is humidity, but what exactly does humidity do that can compromise your floor’s structural integrity? Keep reading to learn the ways that humidity can impact hardwood flooring.

What Happens Due to High Humidity?

Optimal humidity levels for your house should be at about 50%. If humidity levels go beyond this, it means there’s too much humidity in your home. The extra humidity will cause your hardwood flooring to absorb extra moisture, and by extension, your floor will expand. This results in the phenomenon known as cupping, which is when the edges of your floor planks curve upward while the center of each plank curves downward. There’s also the reverse phenomenon which is called crowning, meaning the edges point downward and the center points upward. The worst thing that can happen, however, is buckling. This is when floorboards pull away from your subfloor, creating a peak.

What Happens Due to Low Humidity?

If your home’s humidity levels get under 38%, that’s the point at which humidity levels are too low. This can cause your floor planks to become dry and sometimes crack. You also have to worry about the gaps between your floor planks getting bigger. With enough exposure to dry air, hardwood floors will need to be replaced.

How to Maintain Your Home’s Humidity Levels

While humidity levels can fluctuate outside, there are ways to keep humidity in your house at a constant level. A lot of HVAC units come equipped with humidifying and dehumidifying features these days. If this isn’t the case for your HVAC unit, you can still use a portable dehumidifier to help maintain your home’s humidity levels, especially during the summer season.

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