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Hardwood Floors: A Green Flooring Option for your Baltimore, Maryland Home

Today, the concept of “Going Green” is as hot a topic as any. And as a business owner, homeowner, or property manager, there are several things you can do to help make your building more environmentally friendly. For starters, you can choose to install hardwood floors!

Conventional wisdom says that cutting down trees for flooring is bad for the environment. It destroys forests, right? Well not quite. Actually, not even close! The fact is that most professionally managed hardwood forests in the United States are sustainably harvested. This means that foresters analyze each area of the forest tree by tree and designate a percentage to be removed.

Trees are the ultimate renewable resource!

But that is just the beginning. The hardwood floor manufacturing process is also incredibly green and efficient. Floor manufacturing equipment scans each piece of lumber, determining the most efficient way in which to cut it. And many hardwood flooring mills even use the wood dust to power the mill or the dry kilns, making the hardwood flooring manufacturing process incredibly efficient and environmentally friendly!

But what are the most environmentally friendly hardwood flooring options?

  1. Reclaimed Hardwood Flooring: After all, when is recycling not a green option?
  2. Cork Flooring: The cork extraction process involves the removal of bark and thus does not harm the tree, making it a green flooring option.
  3. Bamboo Flooring: Bamboo grows in just a few short years. Plus, it rejuvenates on its own without any need for re-planting.

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Source: Helping Clients “Go Green” with Wood Flooring

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