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America’s (Hardwood Floors) Most Wanted: Spills and Sun Exposure

When it comes to your hardwood floors, there are definitely a few things to watch out for, notably spills and sun exposure. The two can cause fairly serious damage to your hardwood flooring, damage that may not be easily reversed.

  • Spills: When cleaned up in a timely manner, spills are not a big deal, especially on a properly sealed hardwood floor. But when spills are left to dry they can become a big problem, permanently damaging the flooring. And when this happens, very often the only way to address the spot(s) is to completely refinish the entire hardwood floor. This is why it is so important to deal with spills immediately after they happen.
  • Sun Exposure: Too much sun exposure can actually fade your hardwood floors and speed up the oxidation of the wood, prematurely aging your flooring. To address this problem, you can try several things, including: using blinds to limit sun exposure and purchasing an area rug to cover your hardwood floor where sun exposure is greatest. Although hardwood flooring has effective UV inhibitors in its pre-finish, it is recommended that it not be exposed to direct sunlight for long periods.

Hardwood Flooring Maintenance from John K. Eareckson & Co.

Repairs: Damage to your existing floors? No problem! We’ll fix them up, good as new!

Refinishing: We have several options for refinishing your existing hardwood floors:

  1. For regular maintenance, we can screen your floors and apply a top coat of polyurethane to keep them looking new.
  2. If your floors are in particularly poor condition, we will sand them down and apply several layers of polyurethane to restore them to their original beauty!

If you have any questions, please contact John K. Eareckson & Co. by calling 410-788-4200 or visit today!

John K. Eareckson & Co. is a premier installer and refinisher of hardwood floors in the Baltimore / DC metro region. If new floors are your dream, we can make those dreams come true…for less than you might imagine. Jno. K. Eareckson & Co. will provide the best quality, craftsmanship, and customer service around.

“After all, you are walking on our reputation.”

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