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Hardwood Floor Care: Removing Dirt from Between Floor Boards

Get out dirt!Hardwood floors make for a beautiful addition to any home, but they also require a different level of upkeep than a standard carpet. Dirt can easily get embedded between the planks of hardwood flooring, which can dull the shine of the wood. A standard flat mop can’t reach the dirt in between, but if you follow our floor cleaning tips, we’ll help you figure out how to remove the dirt between the wood planks regularly to keep it from becoming a bigger issue and keep your hardwood floors looking fantastic.

First things first, invest in a good broom! One with fine, exploded ends would be best to help remove dirt from the top of wooden planks. Once you’ve removed all the surface dirt, you can get to work removing the dirt between the planks. The best thing to use for that is a small dull knife – you want to be able to break up the dirt without damaging your floors and have it be small enough that it doesn’t require any force to get into the gaps. The key here is to get the dirt loose enough that it will be easier to vacuum.

Repeat for each gap in between the planks that has dirt in it. Once you have removed the dirt from in between the planks, go ahead and use either a bare floor attachment on your vacuum or a special vaccum cleaner designed specifically for floors. You want to make sure the vacuum does not have a beater bar, as the bar can dent the finish on your hardwood flooring. Finally, run the vacuum over the wood plans to remove the loosened dirt and grit from your floors.

Continue doing this regularly and your hardwood floors will maintain their shine and luster!

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