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Are the Holidays Hard on Hardwood Floors?

With the holiday season upon us, many homeowners are preparing to host family and friends- and some will stay well into the New Year! With all those extra pairs of feet in the house there comes a bit of extra wear and tear for your hardwood floors. While a highly-trafficked hardwood floor will certainly not age overnight (it is far too durable for that), you will have to be on the lookout for other mishaps. The scratch of a high heel or the dent from a dropped gift could cause damage to your hardwood floors this holiday season. Read on to discover how to prevent this damage with tips from JKE!

Holiday Hardwood Protecting Hardwood Floors Over the Holidays

 Guests running here and there around your house might cause a little bit of damage to your hardwood, but nothing that is not preventable with a little extra care. Consider putting down area rugs or hallway runners to cover up hardwood in especially high-traffic areas. The entryway to your home, for instance, is an absolute must for a throw rug, that way the dirt and tracked-in grime from outside will not be ground into and between your floor boards. For family gatherings, or at least for less formal ones, you can also request that guests remove their shoes upon entering your home. They can store them safely away in a cubby or decorative basket, and you will reduce the chances of scrapes and scratches.

Another trick to dealing with holiday-related damage to your hardwood floors is quite simple: remember that any damage done can be fixed! Professional hardwood floor refinishing and restoring is a guaranteed method of getting your floors back to their like-new look in no time. If the holidays prove to be especially hard on your hardwood, get in touch with the experts from JKE to have them restored!

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