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Why Do Hardwood Floors Warp?

When you purchased your hardwood floors, you bought them safe in the knowledge that they would be durable, long-lasting, beautiful additions to your home. So imagine your surprise when, over time, they have begun to buckle and warp, making them look much older and more worn than they are. Why exactly did this happen, and how can you go about restoring your floors so that they look like they did the day you installed them? Read on to find out!

warped hardwoodSolving the Mystery of Warped Hardwood

While some may believe it is a result of a poorly-done installation, the main culprit behind warped hardwood is humidity. When there are high levels of humidity, the moisture in the air can react with the wood floors and cause them to become misshapen. Hardwood swells in response to humidity and shrinks in drier weather, making for a warped floor entirely unlike the one you first had installed in your home. In addition to humidity, severe water damage from flooding or a poor drainage system can also cause hardwood floors to warp.

Restoring Warped Hardwood Floors

Leaving your hardwood floors in their warped condition is obviously not an option, so what can you do? There are plenty of DIY suggestions that might serve as a temporary fix, but in order to really get your floors back to where they need to be, you should consider having a professional restoration done. Your floors will be sanded down to get them level again, and then coats of polyurethane sealant will be applied to give your floors a like-new sheen and prevent moisture from being absorbed into the boards again.

If your floors are warped and in need of care, get in touch with the hardwood flooring experts from JKE today!

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