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Flooring How-To: Avoid Scratching your Hardwood

Show Home InteriorHardwood flooring is often described as one of the most durable options on the market, but it isn’t invincible. Even the strongest species are likely to experience a scratch or nick over the course of their lengthy lifespan. When you spend a small fortune installing and finishing your perfect hardwood floor, even a tiny and barely noticeable crash can send a little shot of pain to your heart. The clean lines and freshly glossed sheen of new hardwood is hard to beat. While you will probably have to deal with some incidents over the years, you can take a few steps to reduce scratching.


If you’ve got dogs or cats, you know how detrimental their sharp little claws can be. They tear up your legs. They tear up your furniture.  Don’t let them tear up your floors. The best way to solve all of these issues is to be diligent about trimming nails. Most vets and pet groomers recommend coming in for a nail trim about every 6 to 8 weeks. You can cut them even shorter if you. After a fresh trim, nails are at their sharpest, so take your pet for a short walk on some cement to grind them back to a smoother state. Many groomers will offer a nail dremmeling service. The grinding action of a dremmel allows groomers to get nails even shorter and leaves each claw with a smooth and rounded finish. In fact, plenty of pets prefer grinding to cutting.


Your average pair of shoes won’t do a great deal of damage to your floor. Most hardwood is built to withstand a decent amount of foot traffic, and can withstand the daily wear and tear of your life. That said, it is never bad to use a bit of extra caution. Taking your shoes off at the door reduces the risk of scratching. The most important thing to note when it comes to shoes and hardwood floors is that high heels are trouble. There is more your high heels hit your floors with greater force than an elephant’s foot. Keep them off of your floors at all costs.


Furniture is probably the greatest culprit when it comes to scratching hardwood flooring. It’s heavy, has sharp legs, and gets moved frequently. This is an easy problem to fix. You can create your own furniture pads our of old blankets or sweaters, or purchase pads from any home improvement store. This will ensure that your furniture glides smoothly and doesn’t leave behind scratches.

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