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Engineered Hardwood Floors & Custom Hardwood Flooring in Baltimore

If you are interested in custom hardwood flooring for your home or office, you have come to the right place. At John K. Eareckson & Co., we pride ourselves on providing the best quality and craftsmanship in the Baltimore-Washington area, from hardwood installation and repairs to refinishing. So we know a thing or two about hardwood floors.

If you are interested in a custom hardwood floor, you have three options:

  1. Engineered Hardwood Floors
  2. Laminate Floors
  3. Solid Hardwood Floors

This week, we are going to focus on the first option, engineered hardwood floors.

What is Engineered Hardwood Flooring?

An engineered hardwood floor is still a wood floor, but it is constructed using three to nine layers of different wood veneers. Engineered wood flooring is a multi-layer flooring, placing a 1/16” to 1/8” piece of solid finished wood on top of unfinished plywood.  And while this type of floor can be sanded and refinished, it cannot be sanded and finished as many times as solid wood flooring.

While engineered wood flooring looks similar to solid hardwood, the comparisons end there!

What are the Benefits of Engineered Hardwood Floors?

  1. Engineered hardwood floors are the best choice for installing over concrete slabs and in basements.
  2. Engineered hardwood flooring stands up to humidity better than solid hardwood floors.
  3. Engineered wood floors have increased dimensional stability because of their cross-ply construction. Because of this, they will not expand and contract like solid wood floors.
  4. If you want an exotic floor without the high cost of solid hardwood flooring, then engineered hardwood flooring is the right option for you. The manufacturing process helps keep costs reasonable by placing exotic wood over plywood.

Interested in a new Custom Hardwood Floor? Then Call John K. Eareckson & Co.

If new, custom hardwood floors are your dream, then John K. Eareckson & Co. is the company for you. We pride ourselves on providing the best quality and craftsmanship in the Baltimore-Washington area, from custom hardwood installation and repairs to refinishing.

Our satisfied customers have made J.K. Eareckson the oldest flooring business in the area!

If you have any questions about Custom Hardwood Floors, please contact John K. Eareckson & Co. by calling 410-788-4200 or visit today for a free quote regarding any of your hardwood flooring needs.

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