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You Don’t Need Harsh Chemicals to Clean Wood Floors

You Don’t Need Harsh Chemicals to Clean Wood Floors

Take a moment to look at the wood floors in your home. Are they in need of some cleaning?

Take a moment to look at the wood floors in your home. Are they in need of some cleaning? Believe it or not, dark hardwood and light hardwood have different care and maintenance needs. Also, here’s something to think about: you don’t need harsh chemicals to get the job done.

Sweep Every Day

Stick to a responsible cleaning routine. That way, you won’t need to resort to toxic chemicals to keep your floors clean. If you’re not careful, those chemicals could soak into your hardwood and affect how shiny they look or even ruin their structural integrity the way water and other liquids can. Sweeping your floors every single day is a good way to keep them clean without too much effort. However, you will need to focus on the areas where people and pets will walk around the most. Mainly, do this at the front door, back door, and any side doors. When you sweep every day, you can prevent too much dirt buildup on your wood floors.

Use Vinegar and Oil

The next step is to use some vinegar and oil instead of commercial products. You’ll need to use white vinegar, and put into a spray bottle with vegetable oil. However, it’s important that use you use brand new oil every time you go to clean your wood floors; if you keep using old oil, it becomes less and less effective with each application. You don’t want the oil going bad in between the times you get around to using it.

Wipe The Floors Clean

The third step is to wipe your floors clean. Every week, wipe down the floors with the mixture we outlined above and then make sure you get rid of the residue once you’re done. You’ll be happy to hear that the parts of your floors that aren’t walked over as often won’t need frequent cleaning. The vinegar in your mixture clears off the dirt while the oil helps restore that your light hardwood floors used to have. You’ll need a clean mop or a clean towel to wipe your wood floors.

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