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A Dog Owner’s Guide to Hardwood Floors

dog leather leashMany pet owners think that once you get a dog, your hardwood floor dreams are over. Sharp nails and rough play can spell disaster for hardwood flooring. You can’t ask your dog to stay still or only stand on rugs, so what can you do? Putting hardwood floors into your pet-inhabited home is possible it just takes a few extra considerations.

Wood alternatives

The hardwood flooring market is ripe with options that look like hardwood floor but are actually ceramic tile or laminate. These options are less fragile than hardwood and won’t be so susceptible to your dog or cat’s sharp nails. Laminate is one of the toughest options on the market when it comes to scratch resistance and is often a fair bit less expensive than real wood.

Bamboo is quickly becoming a very popular choice among dog owners because of its extreme durability. It is generally harder than almost any real wood product, making it essentially scratch resistant. This option requires very little maintenance, but can be pretty pricey.

Real wood options

If your perfect home just won’t feel complete with hardwood imitations, there are a few species of real wood that are tough enough. It’s important to shy away from softer woods like natural pines, American cherry and American walnut. Instead, opt for a Brazilian walnut or hard maple. Flooring experts can help you determine the species that meets your design needs and is hard enough to withstand your pet’s nails.

Preventative measures

Whatever route you decide to go, know that you can make it work. It is far from impossible to find a happy blend of pets and hardwood. Today’s market is full of options to suit your needs. You can never fully eliminate the risk of scratches when you have dogs, but you can help keep nails trimmed to minimize it. Right after a good nail trim, your dog’s nails will be at their most destructive, so take them for a walk and let the concrete grind them down. Many grooming salons and vets also employ nail grinders that leave your dog’s claws with a smooth finish.

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