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Shield your Hardwood Floors from the Snow

hardwood-floors-snowFresh snow looks pristine and clean outside, but when kids and pets bring that snow inside, it’s a whole different story for your hardwood floors. Maintaining sparkling floors in the winter can be a nightmare and it gets worse when salty residue makes its way onto your wood. You can’t keep the snow out entirely, but a few good habits can save you from having a panic attack when you see a snow storm roll in.

Stop the snow in its tracks

There are a few ways to stop the spread of dirty snow water right at the door. If it seems feasible, putting a shoe ban in place is a great option. Have guests and family members take off their shoes as soon as they step inside. Place a towel under a slatted shoe rack to prevent the water from doing too much damage to your entryway.

Some families just can’t work with the idea of shoe bans so floor mats can be a great alternative. Place a coarse mat that can help to remove debris, ice and salt outside your front door. This way water will be your only worry when guests enter. On the interior side of the door, use a mat that will have a bit more absorption power to soak up excess liquid. You can even use a few more mats for people to use to navigate your home without disturbing the hardwood.

Humans aren’t the only snow-tracking culprits. Pets can track in just as much, if not more snow and dirt. Keep a towel by your door so you can clean up their muddy paws before they run around on your clean floors.

Protect your hardwood from salt

Salt is great for breaking up and melting layers of ice on the streets and sidewalks but it can cause a fair bit of damage to your hardwood floors. If some salt slips through the snow defenses you have set in place, there are a few cleaning tricks that can help you restore your hardwood to its former glory.

Vinegar is a cheap and effective salt scrubbing savior. Mixing a small amount with a bit of warm water is a great way to clean up salt stains. Use only enough to barely dampen your cloth and buff the problem areas clean.

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