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Dealing with Dents in Hardwood Floors

Though they are generally very durable, hardwood floors can be damaged if you are not careful with them. Most often a heavy piece of furniture or dragging something across a hardwood floor can cause either a dent or a scratch in its surface. While extensive damage may warrant refinishing your entire hardwood floor, you can usually avoid that with more minor flaws. JKE Hardwood Flooring has some tips for you on how to deal with and disguise dents in your hardwood flooring.

Steam Solution

When a dent is not too deep, it can often be at least partially removed with steam. One of the easiest at-home ways to steam a dent out of your hardwood flooring is by placing a damp towel or washcloth over the dent and then ironing it. This causes the wood to swell, and so the dent will disappear! You can finish off the job by sanding the area to even out any leftover inconsistency in the wood.

Brand New Board

If a dent is only affecting one specific floorboard, you can have that board removed altogether. Experts from JKE Hardwood Flooring can replace a single board to match perfectly with your others; it will be like nothing ever happened!

Filling In

With some deeper dents, an epoxy or a wood or lacquer inlay can be used to fill in the dent. Even so, a deep dent might need to be addressed in the future when it is time to refinish your flooring.

Covering Up

Some dents are so small that it is almost not worth it to deal with them! Take the opportunity to rearrange furniture or use a throw rug to cover it up- just be careful not to do any more damage to the wood when you’re switching chairs and couches around!

If these simple solutions do not address your problem entirely, then a hardwood floor refinishing might be necessary. To get rid of scratches and dents entirely, it is the only guaranteed solution. Call on the experts at JKE Hardwood Flooring today to get started with your hardwood floor refinishing project!


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