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What’s Causing My Wood Flooring to Feel So Cold?

What’s Causing My Wood Flooring to Feel So Cold?

Gorgeous wood flooring can look so warm, but why does it feel so cold?

Gorgeous wood flooring can look so warm, but why does it feel so cold? Homeowners may notice that this is more of an issue during the colder months. Sure, you could put on some thick socks or turn up the thermostat when your wood flooring is feeling chilly. But, these are temporary fixes to a possibly more serious problem. You need to get to the bottom of why the floorboards feel so much colder than what seems natural. More importantly, you must figure out a way to fix it! These may be the common culprits that are causing your hardwood flooring to feel uncommonly cold.

Your Wood Floors Have Gaps

If your wood flooring is riddled with gaps, even tiny ones that may go unnoticed, that could be why your floors feel cold. These tiny gaps could have occurred in many ways. Firstly, your hardwood floors are simply old, and it was a matter of wear and tear over time. Another possibility was that your wood floors were improperly installed. A shabby installation job could look decent, but evidently, the performance and longevity are lacking.

During the cool seasons, it’s likely having to do with your home’s changing atmosphere. The air is less humid, which can cause your wood flooring to lose a lot of its moisture. As a result, the floorboards have shrunk, cracked, and even created little gaps. Further, these gaps mess up your floor’s overall insulation and can create spaces for drafts to come in through the floor. A hardwood flooring professional could remedy your flooring situation, and you’ll notice warmer floors underfoot.

It’s Drafty In Your Home

Your floors may not be the only source of a chilly draft. It’s important also to assess the condition of your home’s windows and doors. Any cool air coming into your house is sure to lower the temperature of your wood floors. Not to mention, all of your heated air is leaking out! To make sure, you may need to hire an expert to inspect the seal around your windows and doors. They could even try to source out other areas in your house that may be drafty.

Your Heating System May Be Inefficient

It’s not necessarily enough for your heating system to be on and produce warm air. The heated air should gently warm your house and bring your wood flooring to a comfortable temperature. However, remember that warm air rises while cool air sinks. If your home’s heating system can’t adequately circulate warm air throughout your living space, that may be causing your floors to feel uncommonly cold.

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