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Protecting Your Beautiful Hardwood Floors From Fireplace Damage

Protecting Your Beautiful Hardwood Floors From Fireplace Damage

If you don’t want the fire feature to ruin your beautiful hardwood floors, there are a few things you can do to protect your flooring.

When our homes start to feel chilly and cold indoors, homeowners are excited to start using their fireplace once again. With any fireplace, notably a real wood-burning fireplace, there is always the need to exercise reasonable caution. Homeowners don’t want to hurt themselves, injure their families, or damage their beautiful hardwood floors with their fireplace. If you’re going to make the most of your statement fireplace and you don’t want the fire feature to ruin your beautiful hardwood floors, there are a few things you can do to protect your flooring.

Extended Hearth

Many people know the hearth of a fireplace refers to the floor of the fireplace or the area in front of the fireplace opening. The hearth is certainly warm and inviting, but it also acts as a separation from the fireplace and your home flooring. An extended or larger hearth, or one that is raised, protects your beautiful hardwood floors from taking on too much heat damage. Folks can remodel their fireplace with a hearth extension made from brick, stone, tile, or slate. A hearth extension can be a great way to update your fireplace aesthetic while granting added protection to your wood flooring.

Use Fireplace Door, Screen, or Cover

Embers and sparks can occasionally escape a wood-burning fireplace. It can be a hazard on its own since these could catch nearby objects on fire. In a less severe scenario, the sparks could mar your beautiful hardwood floors’ finish. A fireplace door, screen, or cover can guard your floors and household from these stray sparks and embers. Plus, these types of fireplace accessories come in many styles. It’s a safety measure that also allows you to play up the visual elements of your fireplace.

Lay Down a Hearth Rug or Pad

Hearth rugs and pads are specifically made with non-flammable properties so that these can be used in front of the fireplace. A good way to protect the section of flooring in front of the fireplace is simply to cover it with one of these rugs or pads. Again, there are plenty of different designs available, so you would not be sacrificing style for safety.

Control the Flames

Remember to keep the flames in check and not create an overly hot and out of control fire. Improper fires can damage not only your hardwood floors, but it can damage the fireplace and hearth too. Not to mention, it’s simply not worth the risk of potentially injuring you and your household members.

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