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Use Beech for Your Hardwood Flooring

Use Beech for Your Hardwood Flooring

You’ll be pleased as punch when you choose beech for your hardwood flooring.

When you’re looking for a fresh way to revitalize your home’s interior, your first thought might be what floors do I want to have? If you answered with hardwood flooring, then you’ll be pleased as punch when you choose beech for your hardwood flooring. Let’s learn a little bit more about beech.

Beech Trees

You can find beech trees all over the world. However, they are most commonly found in only three continents: here in North America, across the pond in Europe, and all the way over in Asia. The American variety of the beech tree is fairly common, too. After all, you can find it everywhere from the southeastern states, as far south as Texas, and as far north as the states near the Great Lakes and Canada. Throughout the spring and summer, beech trees will be bedecked in eye-catching leaves that are yellow and green at the same time.

How Does It Look?

At first glance, you might think a beech tree belongs in a book and not in real life. These trees feature a unique looking silvery bark that will lend a fantastic look to any wood that you use for hardwood flooring in your home. The sapwood inside the beech tree, if you look at it, will remind you of a yellow birch tree. However, you’ll still find beech has another surprise: the heartwood of the tree appears reddish instead of yellow. Because beech is so light, painting and staining it should be relatively simple; what this means is that your beech hardwood floors will be much easier to take care of when you need to perform some basic maintenance.

How Is It Used?

Once upon a time, beech was used for writing surfaces before the invention of paper came around. Since the peoples who used beech for their books and writing were German, the German word for book, “buch” comes to us from the similar word “buche”, meaning beech. Besides being used for hardwood flooring, beech wood is also useful for making chairs, cups, spoons, and even railroad tracks! That’s how you know this wood can withstand whatever you can do to your hardwood floors.

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