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The Types of Wood Cuts for Hardwood Flooring

The Types of Wood Cuts for Hardwood Flooring

There are several different types of wood cuts used for creating hardwood flooring.

Now that you’ve decided to get new hardwood flooring, you might not know how it is made. There are several different types of wood cuts used for creating hardwood flooring. Let’s learn more about them, starting with why it’s important to understand the different cuts of wood used for your hardwood.

Why It Matters

The main reason you should know about the cuts of wood that are used for your hardwood is that it can help you decide which ones to use when installing brand new floors. For wide-planked floors, it’s best to use a rift-cut or quarter-cut board. The biggest reason for this is that wider planks of wood are more vulnerable to damage from being stepped on or due to the humidity in your home. You’ll also want to avoid unfortunate effects such as cupping. While rift-cut and quarter-cut wood are more expensive than plain-cut wood, these cuts can also be worth the upgrade costs.

Plain Cuts

You’ll most often see plain-cut wood used for hardwood flooring. Compared to the other woodcuts, it’s much more affordable, too. Straight cuts starting from the front and moving to the back are all that’s need to create plain boards of hardwood. This technique avoids cutting the growth rings that indicate the age of the tree that the lumber is harvested from, and also reduces the amount of tree waste used to produce the planks of wood you’ll need for your floor. Other pieces of household furniture that claim to be made of hardwood are in fact made of plain cut hardwood.

Rift Cut

Unfortunately, rift cut hardwood is far more expensive than plain-cut hardwood is. However, it justifies its much higher cost by being more durable and stable as far as woodcuts go. It isn’t as susceptible to cupping or humidity. Rift cut is often used for red oak hardwood flooring, and you will find remarkably clean lines in it.

Quarter Cut

Quarter-cut hardwood is often paired with rift-cut hardwood. The reason it is called quarter cut is that each log is cut into quarter-length pieces. Unlike its plain-cut counterpart quarter cut wood is somewhat more expensive, but is still less costly than rift-cut hardwood. It doesn’t shrink, warp, or cup as easily and what’s more, it looks beautiful, so it is a fantastic choice for your next set of hardwood floors.

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