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Tips for Fixing Up Your Hardwood Flooring

Tips for Fixing Up Your Hardwood Flooring

Let’s suppose that your hardwood flooring doesn’t look its best.

Let’s suppose that your hardwood flooring doesn’t look its best. After several parties over the winter or your kids and pets running everywhere, it could be covered in dings, scratches, and stains. A layer of stain can protect your floors, but this is a specially-formulated product designed to keep the floors safe. There are ways to clean up the stains left by food and drink and change the color of your floors for a new look this spring.

Cleaning Up Stains

Whether you want to repair your hardwood floors or replace them, you’ll have to deal with the stains on it. You might be looking to pull up old floors and put in new ones, but only in small sections instead of doing a complete overhaul. A spill from wine can leave an ugly mark on a lighter hardwood floor that might not be visible on a darker floor. However, it’s possible to clean up the stains that are left behind, and the refinishing you apply is only in small doses. That could be all you need.

Sometimes, though, the changes will be more extensive. Let’s say that you want to make sure that all of your floors match, no matter what part of the house the floors are located in; you can get wood out of storage to help with this, whether it’s found in your attic, your garage, or your basement.

Picking a New Color

One way to give your hardwood flooring a brand new look is to change what color they are. Any broken planks of wood need to be removed, and new planks need to be put in their place – this prevents anyone getting injured from tripping down the stairs on a loose step or stepping on an exposed nail. There’s a certain amount of sanding that needs to be done, too. If you aren’t handy enough to do this, maybe someone else in your family is. However, this task is best left to the professionals.

After that, add some new stain while refinishing your hardwood flooring. Finally, putting some varnish or top coat on the floors can create a stunning effect that will wow all your visitors this spring. Remember that it takes much less time, effort, and money to transform lighter hardwood flooring into darker floors, and even though doing the opposite is possible, you may find that it is too much trouble.

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