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Tips for Deep Cleaning Your Hardwood Floors

Tips for Deep Cleaning Your Hardwood Floors

If you need some additional advice on how to deep clean your hardwood floors, then you are in luck. Here are some tips on how to do just that.

Keeping your home’s floor clean takes a lot of effort. Rugs, carpets, and hardwood floors might run all over your home, whether on the first floor or the second. If you need some additional advice on how to deep clean your hardwood floors, then you are in luck. Here are some tips on how to do just that.

Getting Started

Preventative maintenance is an excellent idea for basically everything in your home. It makes sense that before you can get started on cleaning your hardwood floors, a little PM wouldn’t hurt. Put down some mats around doors to stop dirt and mud from tracking in. Preventing water damage means putting down plastic mats for your guests and family members to take off their shoes before they can come into your house. Put some floor protectors under the legs and feet of furniture and put in some new rugs in a playroom to stop your kids’ toys from leaving scratches on the floor as well.

Expert Advice

Start by sweeping the hardwood floors. When you do this, be sure to use a broom with softer bristles on it, so you don’t leave any scratches behind by accident.

Then, use your vacuum. After all, your vacuum cleaner should have some special attachments for this purpose. That way, you can get any dirt that is in harder-to-reach places. Just don’t use the beater brush, because that can crack the finish on your floors that you just redid last week.

Now that you’ve done that use a cleaning solution formulated for hardwood floors; dilute the solution once you have one that you want to use. However, whenever moisture is involved in cleaning your hardwood, you need to be careful. Don’t let the water or the cleaning solution collect into pools on your floor since this will also damage them. Double check your floors for stains and get rid of them with stain cleaners. Then, if possible, wax your hardwood floors and take some time to buff them.

What to Remember

It’s better to vacuum your hardwood floors every day. If you can’t do that, then try to do it once a week. Dusting can help, too. Oh, and if you plan on using vinegar to help clean your floors, you can, but do it sparingly, so you don’t accidentally wipe away the shine of your floors.

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