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Sound Reduction in Hardwood Floors

sound reduction

Sound reduction can be achieved both before and after installation!

As beautiful as hardwood floors and flooring can be, they can also be noisy. So how do you achieve the feat of sound reduction? In this week’s blog we’ll examine the answers to that question. Your home could already be loud and hectic enough, why add to the din? Read on to learn more about sound reduction in hardwood floors!

Sound Reduction Before Installation

One way to pre-emptively achieve sound reduction is to bottle up the noise before it even gets to a chance to disturb you. Isolating sound before it can bounce around the room is easiest to accomplish before construction begins. An acoustical sound board can be put in under the subfloor, providing insulation against any vibrations. Another way to isolate sound is to use underlayments, like mats.

These underlayments, or mats, can be made out of various materials. What could these materials be? Simply put, they are rubber, vinyl, or a special kind of lightweight foam known as closed-cell. Thicker layers provide superior soundproofing.

Sound Reduction After Installation

Are you are looking for sound reduction after installation? That’s possible too. Design your decorations in such a way so as to soak up excess sound. Upholstery on furniture is a big help. In fact, upholstery is considered an excellent and ideal way to absorb sound. In the dining room, you can deploy tablecloths, slip covers, and cushions.

If you’re after sound reduction elsewhere in the house, consider this. Concentrate on the walls, floors, and windows. Area rugs and fabric wall hangings, as well as draperies over windows, are great for absorbing sound. Choose suede over cotton; as suede is thicker, it can absorb proportionately more sound.

You might also want to inspect the wood itself. As durable as it is, even hardwood can degrade over time. Friction from floorboards pressing up against each other can cause odd squeaking noises. This squeaking is especially noticeable when someone walks over loosening floorboards. Gaps could be present, and you’ll want to find out where they are as soon as possible.

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