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Preventing Sun Damage on Your Hardwood Floors

sun damage

Sun damage can wear out your cherished hardwood floors.

Sun damage can wear out your furniture. But it can also wear out your cherished hardwood floors. So, the question comes up, how can you protect them? Heat and light may feel pleasant on your face, but your floor won’t appreciate it. In this blog, we’ll walk you through preventing sun damage on your hardwood floors. Shield your eyes and keep reading!

Prevent Sun Damage with These Protection Ideas!

What Even Causes the Damage? Ultraviolet light, or UV light, streaming in from the sun causes this damage. This UV light can just as easily damage your skin and your eyes as much as your floors and your furniture. According to the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC), somewhere between 40-60% of damage is caused by ultraviolet radiation. Heat, humidity, and even artificial, not natural light, are the other culprits.

On Windows: Some common sense can help you out when you want to filter sunlight. Drawing the blinds and closing the curtains can help, but you might also suffocate from the dark feeling that these basic steps bring. Upgrading your windows to include laminated glass can help prevent sun damage. But since this can be a more expensive option, explore some other avenues first. One of those other avenues is window film.

On Window Film: What is window film? It can serve to filter out incoming UV light, of course. But it can also imbue other benefits on your windows. These include breakage-resistance and heat insulation. Installing window film can either be a DIY project, or one you call in the professionals on.

On Floors: Constantly move your furniture around to protect your floors. Your floors could also use a sealant formulated for sun resistance. Also, consider the type of hardwood floor you have. Possible measures at your disposal include the use of varnishes, lacquers, or even oil and wax finishes. Remember that although you can’t totally prevent sun damage, you can reduce it and continue to enjoy the aesthetic appeal of unspoiled floors and furniture.

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