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Hardwood and Brick Fireplaces: A Dynamic Duo

Hardwood and brick fireplaces

Hardwood and brick fireplaces make for an unexpected and dynamic duo.

Hardwood and brick fireplaces make for an unexpected and dynamic duo. What else can this surprising tag team bring to your home? More importantly, how can you put them together? In this week’s blog, we’ll show you how to pull this off. If you are a dedicated DIY’er, this shouldn’t be too challenging. But as always, the flooring professionals are there to help when you need them!

Warm Up Your Home with Hardwood and Brick Fireplaces

Start with Undercutting the Hearth: In order to install hardwood and brick fireplaces, you will need to see how it will look given the layout of the room. Which way are you putting in? What direction will it face? Either way, start by undercutting the hearth of the fireplace. This is only if you have a raised hearth. An undercut saw with a diamond-tipped blade will be your best tool for this task. But because you most likely do not have an undercut saw, you’ll probably have to rent one first.

Make Two Cuts: One where the hearth meets the subfloor, and one at the same height as the finished floor. Leave the area between the two cuts untouched, at least for the moment. However, be prepared to do something with it later. You’ll need to chisel it out, after all.

When you are ready to chisel, do so and then clean up the mess. When you are done chiseling, double check to make sure all the floorboards fit together. Move on after you’ve completed this step.

Do Some Scribing and Cutting: This step basically involves cutting the floorboards to fit in with the shape of the existing fireplace base. However, you should be careful and patient if you do this, since it might take multiple attempts, and can get frustratingly tedious and time-consuming.

Then Add Some Molding: Molding is an easier option for less experienced installers.

Enjoy All Your Hard Work: Enjoy all your hard work, and the beautiful new look your room will have.

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