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How to Lift Stains from Your Laminate Flooring

How to Lift Stains from Your Laminate Flooring

There’s no question that hardwood floors are gorgeous additions to your home. However, you might opt for laminate flooring instead.

There’s no question that hardwood floors are gorgeous additions to your home. However, you might opt for laminate flooring instead. Sometimes, you might not have a choice – you moved in and found that laminate was already there. You won’t always have the energy to do something about it, either. But then disaster strikes and you spill coffee or some other liquid on it. Follow this helpful advice on how to get stains out of your laminate floors.

Don’t Sweep It

Not sweeping your laminate flooring might sound like strange advice. After all, whenever something falls on the floor, whether it is delicate porcelain or double-walled glass, it tends to shatter if it falls in just the right way. Instead of a broom and dustpan, consider using dry mops or even robotic vacuum cleaners. When you use a standard broom, you will still find too many particulates for your liking.

Avoid Using Liquids

Liquids are part of the problem, so avoid using liquid cleaning solutions on your laminate flooring. You might think these solutions, and water for that matter, would be a good idea, but that’s not true – however, if you do use some, you shouldn’t overdo it. In fact, you should see the floor dry by itself after a few minutes, but this is only the case when you use a reasonable amount of liquid.

Try Buffing It

Every so often, you’ll need to restore your laminate flooring to its former glory. How do you do this? Try buffing it. The trick to polishing your laminate floor is to use a cloth that can absorb almost anything – so get some microfiber. Once you have a microfiber cloth, rub it slowly and gently on the stain in your laminate floor. You don’t have to make it so you can see your reflection, but if it catches the light and is shiny enough for you, then you’ve done the job.

Redouble the Protection

Preventing future stains on your laminate flooring means you’ll need to increase the protection you use. Place some new mats by the front door so no one tracks mud or rainwater in; also put some down by the back door for when you let the dog in and out. Make sure your guests observe your house rule of no shoes inside and and if someone spills that cup of mint iced tea you poured for them, be sure to clean it up as soon as it happens.   

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