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How to Find Hardwood Flooring That’s Pet Friendly

How to Find Hardwood Flooring That’s Pet Friendly

Why should you still have hardwood flooring if other flooring types won’t show the damage caused by your dog?

Do you own an energetic, mischievous puppy? What about a curious, but slightly older dog? Either way, you need to make sure your hardwood flooring can withstand whatever your furry pal gets up to whenever you’re not home. Even cats can damage your floors, although you might not realize it. Here is some advice for picking a hardwood floor that is friendly to your pets, no matter what they are.

Hardwood Flooring

Why should you still have hardwood flooring if other flooring types won’t show the damage caused by your dog? The hardwood you choose is a natural product; while it’s true that engineered hardwood floors are available, they’re not suitable for your home if you have multiple pets, or even just one dog. Instead, you should choose solid hardwood instead. If your home currently features engineered hardwood flooring, then this could be a sign that you need to switch.

Your Choices

In the past, you didn’t have much choice when you wanted a beautiful new hardwood floor. These days, however, you have a wide variety of options available. Instead of settling for a dull color with little flair or embellishment, you no longer need to only stick with classic hardwood flooring. You can choose floors treated, stained, or pre-finished to withstand all the damages that they could encounter during all of the years of a busy life sharing your home with you and your family, including your pets.

Dog People

Let’s say that you are a dog person. Maybe you’re allergic to cats, or even if you love cats, you vastly prefer the company of a dog. You might also treat your dog as your favorite child, so you can’t bear to hurt them. You can carefully trim your dog’s nails, or take them to a pet care salon where they can handle that process for you. In any case, consider using commercially-sold nail caps that you can attach to your dog’s nails without hurting them or leaving unsightly scratches on your home’s hardwood flooring.

Considering Hardness

Don’t forget to think about how hard your hardwood floors are. Softer woods are more prone to surface damages, but harder woods are less likely to show these scratches, gouges, and marks. Consider oak or bamboo for your Baltimore home, since they are more resilient than other types of hardwood.

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