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How To Dry Your Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors can get wet in a wide variety of ways, through spills, roof and pipe leaks, flooding and overflows. Although the amount of water can be different but each one could cause them to swell, buckle, stain or mold. Even the littlest amount of moisture can cause your wood to degrade and be a breeding ground for spores. The most important thing is to try and keep them as dry as possible.

Here are some tips in case flooding does occur on your hardwood floors:

-Dry the floor area gradually, and dry them evenly to ensure they don’t buckle.

-First, use a mop to absorb the excess water.

-Open as many windows and doors as possible to increase air flow and help with evaporation (using a fan also helps).

-Use dry towels and your feet to absorb any remaining moisture. Then, use your arms to dry again in a circular motion.

-If you hardwood floors become saturated, it may be a good investment to purchase a dehumidifier to add to the drying process.

Once you have finished drying your hardwood floors properly there may still be damage to the finish of the floor. Finishes such as waxes and polyurethane may inhibit the evaporation process. The finishes also will sometimes be removed in the drying process, be sure to reapply them once you are certain your floor is completely moisture free.

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