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How To Clean Your Hardwood Floor

Just like with anything, there are do’s and don’ts of cleaning your hardwood floors. You want to avoid causing your floors any unnecessary damage, but at the same time, you want to ensure that they are properly cleaned. Luckily for you, JKE Hardwood Flooring is here to help with our top tips and instructions on how to clean your hardwood floors!

Weekly cleaning

Keeping up with your hardwood floor cleaning means that it will never get out of hand. Weekly cleaning doesn’t need to involve too much: simply dust and vacuum regularly to remove dirt and accumulated dust from the wood’s surface.

Deep cleaning

Deep cleaning your hardwood floor might involve different kinds of steps; it depends on what kind of wood you have installed. Many wood cleaning products are designed to remove residues other than dust, such as oil from skin contact, and general grime.  Mopping a wood floor is perfectly acceptable, just so long as you can ensure it will be well-ventilated so that it can dry quickly! Otherwise your wood floors could crack, split, or develop mold.

When cleaning isn’t enough…

Then it may be time to refinish your floors. Cleaning takes care of surface-level issues such as dirt and oil. But your hardwood floors experience more wear and tear than just that. Walking on them daily, dragging furniture across them, dropping things on them; these are all things that can cause scratches, dents, and scuff marks in your wood’s surface. While in small areas these can be dealt with, if your floor is covered with them or the damage is very advanced, it may be time to refinish your floors. Refinishing your hardwood floor allows a new layer of fresh, undamaged wood to be exposed and treated, meaning your floor will look like new!

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