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Dealing With Splinters in Your Hardwood Flooring

Dealing With Splinters in Your Hardwood Flooring

Today, we’ll be showing you what you should do to take care of splinters on your hardwood flooring.

Hardwood floors can be beautiful and functional for many years when given the proper care. Eventually, however, your floor will start experiencing wear and tear. One sign that your floor is getting worn down is when splinters start to develop. Not only are splinters painful for anyone who walks on them, but they also cause damage to your floor as well. That’s why it’s important to know how to deal with them as quickly as possible. Today, we’ll be showing you what you should do to take care of splinters on your hardwood flooring.

Avoid Pulling Them

If you ever see splinters on your hardwood flooring, it could be tempting to pull them out of your floor. We advise against this because you could also pull up other parts of your flooring in the process. Not only will this cause further damage to your floor, but there will also be exposed edges, which set the stage for more splinters to develop.

Prep the Floor and Use Glue

Lift splinters from your floor very carefully, and remove any debris that’s found underneath. After the floor has been prepared, take a toothpick and use it to apply a small line of glue. Then, after the glue has had time to set, you can carefully press your splinter into its proper place once again. You’ll also want to use painter’s tape so that the splinter stays in place until the glue has set completely.

If you have a bigger splinter, use one sheet of wax paper instead, and place it on top of the splinter. Then, use something heavy to help the splinter align with your floor until the glue sets.

Sand Your Floor

Once around twelve hours have passed (roughly the time your glue would need to set), remove whatever paper or tape is on your floor. Then, take sandpaper and smooth out the rough spots on the surface. If you happen to notice that a piece of wood is now missing, find some wood filler to fill up the empty space (typically found in hardware stores). Lastly, one layer of varnish may be needed.

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